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Hi Sally,
Just to say, thank you;thank you; thank you.  OMG.  I have got my confidence back, and all because of your tights and underskirt.  They are fantastic.  I haven't worn a dress for ages and tonight I went to my singing class in my new tights and underskirt.  I felt fantastic. 
I know it sounds mad, but all the ones I've bought in the past have been useless.  The underskirt is absolute quality.  I love it so much.  Thank you Big Bloomers Company!.

Recieved 1st November
Saw advert in  RAdio Times and  ordered some tights. They r a wonderful fit and so comfortable so have ordered a lot more .  KEEP UP Your Good Work.


Recieved 1st November
My first order was placed after searching the internet for comfortable bloomers. I require them to control nighttime arthritic pain and they work. So you might add that one in your advertising.
Since then I receive email notices from you and when I become needy I search first for you because (a) your produce is so good; (b) you are reliable; (c) you are a small company and (d) I get what I ordered.
So a big thank you to big bloomers.

Recieved 28th October
Received today .  Worn today .  ACE as usual. Such speedy delivery and such wonderful tights. Thank you SO MUCH!!!!


Recieved 23rd October
Hi Sally,

I've been a fan of your company for the past few years. I initially put extra, extra large tights into my search engine... up popped your website & I was thrilled to find tights & hold up stockings to fit my very generous curves! I've tried other so called extra, extra large tights & stockings but they've never been right. Your products are such good quality & long lasting. You occasionally send me emails with new products... loved the new knickers (cotton & Lycra)... the fit is perfect & they are exceptionally comfortable.
Keep up the good work!


Recieved 10th October
I first saw your advert in my magazine peoples friend glad I found it as I had not heard of a firm who considered us ladies with a need for larger leg sizes so I kept the card you send with order this will be my third order from you and I am not sorry keep up the good delivery very happy

Recieved 12th October
I first discovered you a couple of years ago purely by chance via Google. Having discovered your wonderful company you are well and truly bookmarked.

I have received several orders from you and they have been extremely comfortable and, on one occasion, a tad big on me! I haven't been able to say that since my teenage years! It is so nice to be able to buy correctly sized underwear from a company that truly understands their customers needs.

I certainly can not fault your customer service - there is no other word to describe you, but excellent!

Thank you in advance for my winter tights, I'm really looking forward to being able to wear a skirt in winter.


Recieved 10th October
Hi sali

Just wanted to say I got the tights and there amazing thank you so much your a life saver!! I can relax now and enjoy the party 


Recieved 10th October
Hi Sally,

I was just surfing the web for large sized women. I am THRILLED to have found you, and have just placed my second order. I'm an American opera director living in Italy. Ironically, your beautiful Italian made products are hard to find here! Keep up the GREAT work!



Recieved 29th November


Received 29th May
Dear Laura,

I think I first saw mention of you in a newspaper or magazine, so checked you out online. I ordered the wrong size the first time and you (or whoever I spoke to on the phone), were so very helpful and pleasant. Since then, I've had another order and this is my third one, it's heaven to have pants that cover so well and are so comfortable to wear. My last order was a lucky dip and although one pair are not to my liking, (a stretchy design, not cotton) I'm happy with the other pairs and so I'm ordering another lucky dip. I wish I'd found you earlier, I wouldn't have wasted so much money on badly fitting panties from other firms.

Best wishes for your continued business success.


Received 10th Januray
Hi there,

you wanted to know how I heard about you, I just put in a search for 5xl tights and your website came up. It is the first time I have ever seen thigh size detailed so very well done for offering that level of detail. I often find the hip size I need but then find the thighs too narrow.

I am looking forward to receiving my order.

Regards Sandra

Received 15th December

I can't remember exactly where I first heard of you, but I think it was in a newspaper or magazine, quite a while ago.

I have had some briefs off you before and been delighted with them, it's so nice to have underwear that fits and feels comfortable. So many other knickers produced supposedly to fit outsize women, make no allowance for the different body shape of people who are beyond normal build. The high cut front like those made in small size knickers is ridiculous on people who have large stomachs and that is where you score highly.

As my old knickers wear out I shall replace them with your products as I can afford them.

Regards Jan

Received 12th December

I came acrosss your company by "Googling" "big tights"! I have ordered
several packets now and have been delighted with them all. It is the first time that I have ordered flesh coloured and hope they are not too pale!

I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Keep on supplying big tights please!!!!


Received 7th December
Hi Guys,

Just found your company through googling "plus size hoisery". Reaaaally looking forward to finding a pair of pantyhose that FITS! It amazes me that in this day and age, I can buy clothing with greater ease every year (as a size UK 22) yet i still cannot find a pair of pantyhose to fit!? I have even ordered tights from the USA before, a size "4XL" (supposedly, really wouldn't have been bigger than a 2XL) and could not even get them past my thighs. Really excited about your company, and the fact that you offer international shipping. You're filling a gap in the market! Keep it up!



Received 14th November
Dear Dianne,

I would just like to say how very impressed i am with your company and what you sell. I ordered tights from you recently and they are wonderful and also a bra the other day and wow what a quick delivery.

I will be ordering again from you soon.

Well done, Anne Marie

Received 11th November 2012
Hi Dianne

Thanks very much for that. Your customer care is quite amazing. Fingers crossed the tights do the bizz for my Mum.
If - and when - we have success, I'll be in touch again for a re-run.

Thanks again

Received 10th October 2012

Dear Dianne,
I would just like to say how very impressed i am with your company and what you sell.

I ordered tights from you recently and they are wonderful and also a bra the other day and wow what a quick delivery. Fantastic.

I will be ordering again from you soon.

Well done,

Anne Marie

Received 2nd October 2012


I would like to thank you very much for your reviewing my order and suspecting I had ordered the wrong type of knickers.

We discussed, and you have kindly corrected my mistake.

I very much appreciate the customer care and thoughtfulness that went with my order. As always, i will continue to buy from Big Bloomers.

Kind Regards J.


Received August 9th 2012



I was very pleased to find you on the Internet. As far as I could see there was nothing you sold that I could order here in Australia so, even though you're thrashing us in the Olympics, I thought I would give you a go.


Many thanks Jenny

Best, Susan

Received Feb 12th 2012

I have been a customer for a few years now and originally found you by trawling the web. Thank goodness I did otherwise I'd be half naked! I am interested in how you are doing and if you do business in the US as there is a need for bigger stuff than is readily available there when it comes to panties. Its a while since I last ordered so I am thrilled that despite hard times for retail, big bloomers is still there.

Best, Susan

I originally found you through Google. Lovely speaking to you this morning and thank you for being there, a marvellous company!

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I am a returning customer.  I have been buying your underwear for my mother for a long time now and am always extremely happy with the quality and value for money.




Hi Big Bloomers

Thank you for sending my order which has arrived safely and is perfect.   You asked about advertising, I found your company on a google search for the type of item I required.

Hello Dianne

Just wanted to give you some feedback regards the order. MANY THANKS! Great job, fit perfect, and arrived in very quick time (actually last week Monday but I did not had the opportunity to drop them to my Mother until the weekend). She is very happy and grateful that we found you! You are guaranteed of future orders from us!

Kind regards Nicole


Hi Dianne,

Absolutely! I have to tell you that I really enjoyed buying from you and that I really appreciated your way of doing business. Also your patience in getting me what I was after is admirable.

Thank you!
Kind regards, Sarah

Dianne had written

Right..... here we go:-

You paid 125.60 for the original 8 pairs of knickers + 1 gift = 9.
You are keeping one pr of 5xl panties @ 14.95
You require 8 more pairs (pay for 7 get 1pr gift).. 104.65
Total .... 119.60

So, with postage etc, I think we can call it quits, do you?

Package dispatched tomorrow morning.

Hi Dianne,

I received my long legged knickers and I am thrilled with them, and thank you for the complimentary shorts that you sent.   The long legged knickers fit very well, and the cotton used is soft and fits very well, they also wash easily and dry quickly too.   I am sure that you will fill a niche in the market place, your products are made for the larger person and fit very well and the material used is just right.  In Australia there is no company that makes knickers for the larger lady.   I will continue to purchase items from your company, delivery is great too.

Kind regards

Dear Dianne

I wanted to email you to say a huge thank you once again for the excellent service we recieved from you and your company. The underwear arrived in time for my friend departing back to America. The service you provide is quick, accurate, and most importantly for us, courteous and helpful. And you rarely find that these days, so it needs to be commended.
Thanks Again

Regards Wendy Baker


as requested I heard of you just now on an Australian morning breakfast television show. It is called 'Sunrise' and is one of the 2 major breakfast television show on Australian TV. It was a very quick article on obesity and the fact you can now buy knickers in a size 70 (or something like that) and briefly flashed up your website and luckily I took note.
I have been on the search for long underpants for ages. It is so hot in Aust that a lot of women wear shorts under their dresses, but they are the nylon 'Nancy Ganz' style and make you sweat, and as they come up under your bust, its difficult to go to the loo; (and they are more for slimming than chafe so they are very tight). May I suggest a wider waste band though? That way it would flatten and smooth the tummy as the elastic waste cuts you off and you still get muffin top. Many thanks and best wishes for your company, very innovative!

Belinda - from Perth, Western Australia


Hi Dianne,

Just to let you know that the 8xl size are a perfect fit, many thanks for taking the time and trouble to phone me and discuss the matter, its really nice to have such great service and really fast delivery.

Many thanks Beth


Sorry I did not send this sooner, but I wanted to say a big thank you for the excellent knickers you recently supplied to me so efficiently.

They are by far the best knickers I have managed to source from anywhere. Other big knickers I have bought do not have the same cut and do not provide the extra material just where it is needed to make them so comfortable.

The Knickers I bought (Allergy Knickers) are available in black and white. I lok forward to other colours becomiong available - how about navy blue or bottle green ? Thanks again and keep up the good work

Regards Flossy


Hello Diane.

 Just to let you know, the bloomers were superb under the wedding dress!  Really comfy and entirely invisible, so very well appreciated by the bride.  She looked fabulous of course - once we have pictures I'll try to send you one, though I'm not sure how useful a picture of your bloomers being invisible would be!  In any case, many thanks for a great product.  I will return!


Just a quicky, I emailed you about the difference in the length between your pants and my own, well, I put on the new ones and they are PERFECT, it is so good to know I have finally found someone who does high quality affordable large underwear thank you so much I would recommend you to anyone.

Wow, what can I say, parcel arrived this morning, Tuesday! What a fantastic service, considering I only ordered items on Sunday.  And the way it is packaged is excellent.  Nice tidy, sturdy box, taped securely and on opening it, goods neatly wrapped in tissue.  The goods are perfect for what I need them for and fit perfectly too.  An absolute delight to shop with you.   I will tell anyone who asks about you. Your service is a credit to you and I thank you for the little personal touches, like saying you hope it is the correct colour, which it was.

kind regards Lucy

Hi Laura,

thanks very much for my free gift I received with my order it was very kind of the company,my order came today and I am very happy with them excellent quality for the money I would have paid twice the price in Evans so I think I will be getting my BLOOMERS from you in future once again thank you


Hello Diane.

Just to let you know, the bloomers were superb under the wedding dress!  Really comfy and entirely invisible, so very well appreciated by the bride.  She looked fabulous of course - once we have pictures I'll try to send you one, though I'm not sure how useful a picture of your bloomers being invisible would be!  In any case,many thanks for a great product.  I will return!

Hi -

this is a repeat order, my first was placed over the phone with an incredibly helpful lady, who I now assume was Diane! I found you via the internet by googling bariatric tights for my mother, who is quite short and a reasonable weight from the waist up, but has very big and swollen knees/thighs which were making getting tights on her a nightmare. Not any more!!! - so thank you very much.

Best regards Jennifer


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