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  • Style - Disposable knickers in packs of 10
  • Easily stored in your handbag for emergency use
  • Wear once and throw away
  • Available in size 7XL-10XL hips to 75'' (190cms) and 4XL-6XL hips to 62'' (158cms)
  • BUY NOW £15.95/£16.95 PACK OF 10


  • hospital procedure – a spare pair in case you are admitted
  • holidays – no washing and no laundry to bring home
  • weak bladder – a spare pair for ease of mind
  • BUY NOW £15.95/£16.95 PACK OF 10



About our throw-away panties

Although nobody would try to persuade you that these disposable panties  are glamorous, they are extremely useful for hospital outpatients visits, hospital stays, holiday and even day trips when a pair can be discreetly stored in your handbag just in case!  When we say that they are easily stored in a handbag, just loosely packed, the dimensions of the smaller size are:-

Dimensions of throw-away panties:-

 Size  UK22 - UK30  (4xl - 6xl)   approx 13cm long, 2.5cm deep, 6cm wide (approx 5” long x 1” deep x 2.5” wide)

Size UK32 - UK46  (7xl - 10xl)  approx 15cm long, 3cm deep, 7cm wide (approx 6" long x 1.5" deep x 2.5" wide)

We don't get an enormous call for these plus size disposable panties and the plus size disposable Hospital Gowns  so we decided not to restock them as items sold out. However, so many of our customers have contacted us to say that they depend on us -  especially for the plus size disposable knickers which they have been unable to buy elsewhere - that we have changed our plans and all items have now been restocked.  

We have heard from one or two of our customers that some hospitals are requesting their patients wear disposable knickers when they attend for day surgery. This will obviously mean that more people are going to require these throw-away panties in the future.  We are fully aware of how embarrassing it can be when you turn up at hospital without the necessary clothing and have to be kitted out with garments that simply do not cover ample proportions and so we are very pleased that our customers took the trouble to write to us and let us know that they were relying on Big Bloomers to supply them with throw-away panties that cover their modesty when they are hospitalised and we promise to continue to supply disposable knickers.  




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