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  • Wide tunneled elastic to avoid pinching around the waist
  • Available in white or black
  • Available in sizes UK12 TO UK44/46 see size chart below
  • Lace elastic waist in sizes UK12 black
  • BUY NOW @ £17.95 EACH (+£4 FOR 9XL)
Size chart in both inches and centimeters
waist inches
hips inches
our sizes
UK dress
waist cms
hips cms
63 - 67
74 - 79
157 - 167
185 - 195
58 - 63
69 - 74
147 - 157
175 - 185
54 - 58
64 - 69
137 - 147
162 - 175
50 - 54
59 - 64
127 - 137
150 - 162
46 - 50
55 - 59
117 - 127
140 - 150
43 - 46
52 - 55
109 - 117
132 - 140
40 - 43
49 - 52
101 - 109
124 - 132
37 - 40
47 - 49
94 - 101
119 - 124
35 - 37
45 - 47
89 - 94
114 -119
33 - 35
43 - 45
84 - 89
109 - 114
31 - 33
41 - 43
79 - 84
104 - 109
29 - 31
39 - 41
74 - 79
99 - 104

Received 25th May 2013

I have previously purchased items from your company, 7 pairs of the long legged knickers and I am re ordering 4 more pairs as I have worn the others out, and need new ones. I live in Australia, and I have found your company's services to be very efficient and easy to deal with. The knickers are lovely, and I hope the new order will be the same as my previous ones, which are very comfortable and wash and wear well.

Kind regards


Received 15th May 2013
Dear Laura,

My first order for your long legged knickers arrived last week and I have enjoyed wearing them, so today I have ordered some more. Thank you for making them., I live in Australia and the Australian company which used to make something similar stopped doing so a while ago. It is good to find a company with an understanding of those of us who have large thighs. I use mine as sleeping shorts so I can wear a nightie comfortably as I don’t like pyjamas.

Thanks again. I look forward to these arriving.



Received 4th May 2013
Hello Dianne,
I received my knickers some time ago and have been enjoying wearing them; they are incredibly comfortable and make wearing a skirt a pleasure again. I have just ordered some more, with the avowed intention of exercising - walking - now that I no longer have the excuse of chafing thighs ... !
I have held back from writing to you until my sister returned from her holidays as it was her who originally saw the advert for your company. It was in either in the Observer or Independent on Sunday magazine.
Thank you for your kind help with my original order,

Best wishes

Date received 28th November 2012


I did an internet search for "long leg briefs" because I could not find anything similar to purchase here (Omtario, Canada) in the stores. I searched a number of online retailers in the U.S. but either the items were "not available for international shipping" (to Canada!!!!) or they could only accept U.S. PayPal accounts. Or the the long leg briefs were not available in my size. Or they were nylon, not cotton and therefore unsuitable for summer. Or they were sold out in my size.

I have never had any problems ordering from online retailers in Great Britain. Never! I am so grateful to have found you! I would like to see the longline briefs in more (pastel) colours and with lace trimming on the leg openings. Would that be possible?.

Sincerely, Marisa

Date received 3rd Feb 2012

Hi Big Bloomers

I found your web site on the internet.

I live in Australia and Bonds is our major underwear maker. Bonds used to make very good long leg cotton underpants, and I bought them for many years. However 12 months ago they stopped making them. I purchased a pair of long leg bloomers from an American company, but the legs were not long enough, and the cotton shrank in some places and stretched in others. I also purchased a pair from another company in Australia, but was not happy with the fabric.
I then searched the internet for a company making cotton long leg underpants and found your company. I purchased one pair, to see how they wore, laundered etc. and have been very happy with them. Hence my recent purchase of another 2 pair (plus a free 3rd pair).

It is very good to see a small company producing a quality product. I wish you all the best in your venture.


Hi Dianne

I have ordered from you before so I already know about you. I'm living in Malaysia at the moment but will be home in Australia at Xmas so thought it would be a good opportunity to stock up on some more long legged undies. It's hot here and I'm wearing lots of skirts.

I'm actually not at all overweight - I weigh 67kg - but I have heavy  thighs that rub together and  in the heat they sweat and I end up with chaffing. Your undies are absolutely perfect for wearing under skirts without stockings in the tropics.

Kind Regards

Chaffing thighs prevented with Big Bloomers Long Legged panties.

 Big Bloomers  Long Legged panties help prevent Chaffing thighs and make such a difference to the comfort of women with thighs that rub together.  Chaffing thighs are so debilitating and very soon after we set up The Big Bloomers Company we were asked by our customers to manufacture very large panties with long legs that would stop the chaffing. These long legged pants come in all sizes up to 8xl and these very large 8XL panties will comfortably fit women weighing in excess of 30 stones. 

Chaffing thighs isn’t just a fat person’s problem. Even women who are not overweight wear our Long Legged panties to stop their thighs chaffing together because big thighs doesn’t necessarily mean that a woman is big all over.  When we first started manufacturing our Long Legged pants offered them in big sizes only ie 6xl, 7xl and 8xl. Soon, we were asked by women who suffer from chaffing thighs to supply sizes 1xl upwards.  Out Long Legged panties became famous and eventually we were persuaded to manufacture Long Legged panties in all sizes from 8XL down to size 8/10.

Manufactured in 100% cotton Big Bloomers Long Legged panties have been very successful in helping to stop sweaty, chaffing thighs.  When we manufactured our outsize Big Bloomers panties for very large, overweight women we didn’t expect the receive desperate women searching for very large panties with long legs.

These were the inquiries our customers sent us:-
Can I buy panties to stop chaffing thighs?
Do you sell panties with long legs to stop my thighs rubbing together?
Have you got Long legged panties to prevent chaffing thighs?
Will your 100% cotton Long Legged panties prevent sweaty thighs?
Can I prevent my thighs rubbing together with Big Bloomers Long Legged panties?
Will I prevent sweat between the thighs with panties with long legs?
By wearing long legged pants I will prevent sweat between the legs.
We couldn’t ignore such a cry for help and so we designed our Supersize Long Legged panties.  Our Long Legged panties have a specially designed V shaped gusset so that there long legs don’t have a double layer of material down the inside of the thighs as this tends to make the inner leg of the pantie too bulky.  Our customers have said how pleased they are with this innovative design as the single layer of fabric is quite sufficient to prevent sweating and chaffing between the thighs. 
So, The Big Bloomers Company can congratulate themselves on the successful design of their Long Legged Panty which helps keep women's legs from rubbing together, sweating and chaffing. Congratulation, Big Bloomers Long Legged panties prevent legs rubbing together.  Congratulation, Big Bloomers Long Legged panties prevent sore thighs. Congratulations, Big Bloomers Long Legged panties prevent fat thighs chaffing.




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