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Received 4th February 2013

I just wanted to thank you for your very prompt delivery of my high leg knickers. They arrived less than 24 hours after I put the order in. I hope you have success in re-ordering these from your Italian contacts as they are the most comfortable knickers I have ever worn.
This is only my second order from you but I am sure I will be a regular customer as I have been delighted with the quality of your products, the exceptional customer service and very swift delivery I have experienced.

Thank you again.

Regards Sandra

Received Nov 2nd 2012

You may remember me, I’m one of the ladies who tried out your sample black knickers a while ago, and I came back to see if they’re still there.

These knickers have come up top trumps since then. I’ve seen a look of approval from the experienced fitter in an upmarket boutique (tummy ridge minimization combined with elegance of line perhaps). They’re super comfortable and feel secure.



Received Feb 7th 2012
Morning  Dianne
WOW!  I am wearing my Pompeii Knicker and they are fanstic.  My bloomers are wonderful but these are the next and better.  I hall be ordering another couple of packs as soon as possible.  Have yu got 3 colours in them?  By the way any chance of introducing blue into the colour range in the future and possibly Flesh colour not that I am intending parading them on the beach!


Hello there Dianne

                          Sal as I'm known to my friends here first of all thank you for the freebie high legs.You know I ordered standard but im so glad you sent the high legs they are fabulous and very little of my apron fat is visible at the side even though they are high cut. They are comfortable soft and a sheer delight to wear.

I also have bought sloggies(they are what i have had to wear and i cant wait to get them off at the end of my working day)  your new high legs blow them out of the water  the style the material is absolutely superb the legs don't cut in nor does the waist band and i have happily had them on for 15hrs with no feeling they are un comfy or cutting in fabulous!   I wish you well and once again thank you i have one very comfy unsweaty pair of knickers i will soon have enough to buy a few more pairs thank you and good luck


Pompeii Plus Size Seamless Knickers


As any of our long standing customers know, when we started Big Bloomers in 2007 our first priority was to provide well fitting cotton knickers for plus size women who had not worn a comfortable pair of properly styled panties in years.  Once we’d done that, you told us that you needed long legged knickers to prevent chafing thighs and after that, a short legged version of the anti-chafing knickers was demanded.  We’ve done all of that and we’ve also introduced the Bariatric range for customers who needed knickers larger than a 9xl (UK40/42) -  so then, whilst we turned out attention to providing plus size women with plus size, wide thighed tights, we also looked for a new knicker challenge. 

We decided to lend our ears to the younger generation of plus size women and what we learned from their lamentations and grumbles was that there is a woeful lack of Plus Size high fashion, Plus Size modern style or Plus Size sexy knickers out there.  So, while Laura was in Italy for two years hassling the tights manufacturers and trying to get them to understand the problems of fat thighs in relation to the leg circumference in their standard production plus size tights, she also found the time to visit the knicker manufacturers – and give them some hassle too!  The result is that she brought home in November 2011 the Pompeii range of seamless high cut leg knickers and also, for those who aren’t too keen on showing off too much thigh, the seamless standard knickers.  These knickers are sooooooooo s-t-r-e-t-c-h-y  that one size fits a UK24/26 and still accommodates the more ample proportions of a UK32/34 without over stretching and without causing red, sore skin from the ‘digging in’ od waist bands and leg holes so well known to all ladies of ample proportions who have suffered from having to wear undersized smalls.


These Pompeii knickers are made from polyamide with elastin which makes them exceedingly good natured, hard wearing, machine washable as well as giving them their stretch ability.  The up-to-the-minute technology used to produce the Pompeii Plus Size knickers gives a totally seamless knicker.

Another innovation is that the ribbed gusset continues seamlessly into two sculptured back panels which mould gently and comfortably to the shape of your behind. 


Whilst these wonderfully stretchy panties are truly amazing, we have to give a word of warning - because of the elastin content, women with skin problems and allergies will have to forgo the pleasure of these knickers.  However, we do cater for allergy and skin problem sufferers, click on the link below and see our Plus Size anti-allergy range ANTI-ALLERGY-PLUS-SIZE-KNICKERS.html


The ladies who tested the Pompeii Plus Size knickers for us gave them 100% thumbs up with such comments as ‘I have never felt so comfortable’ “knickers that make me look sexy – wow! My husband is delighted”‘”seamless knickers to wear under an evening skirt, fantastic”’  ‘”I love the high cut leg, it has made my day to know that you will soon be putting these on the Big Bloomers website, I can’t wait to be able to buy more, thank you for letting me be a guinea pig”.’






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