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Supersize Pantie
  • Style:Slip-on bra
  • Easy fit slip-on bra
  • No wires so total comfort
  • P&P £2.95 however many you order
  • BUY NOW @ £9.95 each
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Recieved 20th July 2013
I found you by using google search engine. Also I would like to add that the slip over bra is the best out there in the market.

Many thanks


Recieved 6th June 2013

Dear Dianne,

I recently ordered the slip over bra, and it arrived within 2 days, It is beautifully made and the cotten is very soft, I took a chance on ordering the DD as I know my cup size is much bigger but ordered a 48 instead of a 44/46, hoping that this would compensate for the lack of a larger cup, I can see that for someone not as 'all up front' as I am (I usually take a G/H cup), this would normally be the case, and in fact I will be able to wear this as a comfortable 'House' bra. I noted a comment that you are researching bigger cup sizes and I do hope you will be having them in the near future I will definitely be ordering them when they come in stock.

Once again my compliments on the quality of the goods, I have not seen the like for many years. To other customers I am not usually disposed to writing glowing comments but I felt I must reassure others that these really are very good quality for the price and that from my first experience you can order with confidence.

Thank you for the quick service.

Regards Josephine Seymour

Hello Dianne -

Just a short note to thank you once again for another great order which I received in the week.

The bras - I now have 3 - are amazing. They really are the most comfortable I have ever had. I have never worn a long line bra before trying these, as I always thought they would ride up, but the back on these comes right down to my waist and it really is so lovely and comfy to wear staying in place and the straps are the first I have encountered that I don't have to be tugging them back up off my shoulders all the time, which I have always had to do with previous bras I have worn. Everything about these bras is wonderful.

The knickers are a great fit too.

Thanks so much.

With best wishes, Kay


City Bra according to Dianne

The ultimate comfy bra. Nice broad straps that won’t cut into your shoulders leaving a painful, angry, red mark. A very generous cup – although we stock only a D cup and a DD cup we have heard from our customers that the DD cup is very accommodating indeed and easily equates with much larger cups in other styles and makes.

This bra has no fastening, you simply pull it on and tuck yourself into it. It is comfy in the extreme…… no bones to dig in, no hooks to niggle in your back. It has a nice comfortable, deep welt under the cups, which is approx 2" (5cm for those of you who have gone metric)

Available in black or white.   Unfortunately, there’s a percentage of elastin in this bra, so if you are lycra/elastin allergic, I’m sorry, but it is not going to be suitable for you.

This bra is like giving your boobs a holiday, it allows them to relax and just hang out (well, not literally, of course!). Pop them into the City Bra, you'll love the freedom.



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