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  • Style: Classic Panties
  • Available in sizes UK24/26 TO UK48/50 see size chart below
  • 100% combed cotton
  • High waisted for extra comfort
  • Extra wide gussett
  • Available in white, black or pink
  • 140 gram weight fabric for durability
  • A truly comfortable wearing experience

  • BUY NOW@ £14.95 each (+£4 for 9XL 10XL and 11XL)

Size chart in both inches and centimeters
waist inches
hips inches
our sizes
UK dress
waist cms
hips cms
66 - 70
79 - 85
167 - 177
195 - 205
62 - 66
74 - 79
157 - 167
185 - 195
58 - 62
69 - 74
147 - 157
175 - 185
54 - 58
64 - 69
137 - 147
162 - 175
50 - 54
59 - 64
127 - 137
150 - 162
46 - 50
55 - 59
117 - 127
140 - 150
43 - 46
52 - 55
109 - 117
132 - 140

For larger sizes visit www.thebariatricshop.co.uk where our bariatric range caters for people who weight 40 stones plus


Recieved 31st October 2013
Hi Laura,

I started buying my pantyhose from you a couple of years ago and dealt with Diane. I needed to order your smallest size because I've lost 150 pounds in the last 6 months. Sadly, I won't need to buy from you one of these days - I say sadly only because they are the best pantyhose I have ever worn and I wear them every day.

With regards, Kathy (Penticton, BC, Canada)

Received 5th March 2013
Hi Dianne,

To be honest, I had never heard of you but desperately needed some new underwear. A few weeks ago I simply typed in 'large knickers' into the internet and hey presto, your site came up on the list. When I logged on and saw what was on offer, I immediately ordered two sample pairs of knickers to try.

I was delighted with both the quick service, particularly considering I am in Spain where mail is notoriously unreliable, and the quality of the goods. The only problem was that I have got my sizes completely skewed and both pairs were too big. I have kept one as I wore them to try out but the larger size would have swamped me and probably fallen off! I have now re-ordered multiple pairs in 7XL, two sizes lower than I thought! I have also ordered some different knickers so will be eagerly awaiting the postman. Keep up the good work. Sites like yours are a gold mine for people like me.

Best wishes Carolyn

Received 15th December 2012

I can't remember exactly where I first heard of you, but I think it was in a newspaper or magazine, quite a while ago.

I have had some briefs off you before and been delighted with them, it's so nice to have underwear that fits and feels comfortable. So many other knickers produced supposedly to fit outsize women, make no allowance for the different body shape of people who are beyond normal build. The high cut front like those made in small size knickers is ridiculous on people who have large stomachs and that is where you score highly.

As my old knickers wear out I shall replace them with your products as I can afford them.

Regards Jan


9xl now available in black and pink as well as white


The launch of our 9xl panties has met with huge success and after listening to your feedback, we’ve now had them manufactured in black and pink-with-black-trim.  These knickers are made from 100% cotton interlock which is soft and comfortable.  There is no Lycra in our knickers – and that was a conscious decision on our part because so many people these days seem to be suffering from allergies and Lycra, as I’m sure you know, is no friend of allergies.   So, our knickers have been designed to fit your body without a great deal of stretching – you don’t have to haul them on, you simply step into them and pull them up.  This means that you don’t have to do battle to get them over a tummy flap or a big bum because they have enough fabric in them to comfortably accommodate a tummy flap or a big bum!  They don’t just ‘fit where they touch’ and they don’t hug you so tightly that you have angry red marks when you peel them off at night, they simply ‘fit’ and are comfortable.


As for the price – well, Big Bloomers knickers aren’t cheap, we know that and we’re desperately sorry that we can’t make them cheaper for you, but, because we are such a small company, they have to be manufactured in small numbers, so we can’t get bulk discounts by going to the far east to get them ‘run up with sweated labour’.  Our Big Bloomers knickers are made here in the UK by a small manufacturer in Leicestershire…. so of course that means that the knickers are made by machinists who are earning at least minimum wage…. hence they’re not cheap!  But they ARE good quality and beautifully made because, as the factory is here in England if anything goes wrong, I get in my car and drive to Leicester and thump my fist on the cutting table till I get what I want.  Another thing, because the fabric isn’t stretchy, there’s nothing skimpy about these knickers, there’s a LOT of fabric in them, well over a metre is used in the manufacture of each pair, so all in all, they are a fair price for a great product.



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