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Underwear to sizes UK44/46 that's our 10XL

Our own UK manufactured luxurious Supersize clothing madefrom 100% combed cotton.  The cut and style of our clothing has taken a long time to perfect, they are designed especially with big women in mind.... women who lead active lives and want quality and comfort along with the feel good factor


These superb quality panties are made from 100% cotton with a wide, strong, lace-elastic waist band and a delicate trim round the legs...


These are our new style, roomy, long legged knickers which have been completely redesigned following our customers feedback. . Made in 100% Jersey cotton.......

UK12 TO UK40/42 (OUR 12/14 TO 9XL)
By popular demand, we've shortened the legs on our Long Legged knickers to provide you with a short legged version. Made in 100% Jersey cotton.....


Very soft and elastic with a high waist and sculpured back panels.


Our new anti chafing seamless panties in long and short legs

What are our customers saying about our knickers:-

Just a quicky, I emailed you about the difference in the length between your pants and my own, well, I put on the new ones and they are PERFECT, it is so good to know I have finally found someone who does high quality affordable large underwear thank you so much I would recommend you to anyone.


Wow, what can I say, parcel arrived this morning, Tuesday! What a fantastic service, considering I only ordered items on Sunday.  And the way it is packaged is excellent.  Nice tidy, sturdy box, taped securely and on opening it, goods neatly wrapped in tissue.  The goods are perfect for what I need them for and fit perfectly too.  An absolute delight to shop with you.   I will tell anyone who asks about you. Your service is a credit to you and I thank you for the little personal touches, like saying you hope it is the correct colour, which it was.

kind regards Lucy


Hi Laura, thanks very much for my free gift I received with my order it was very kind of the company,my order came today and I am very happy with them excellent quality for the money I would have paid twice the price in Evans so I think I will be getting my BLOOMERS from you in future once again thank you.










Why did we manufacture outsize, very large, Supersize Knickers, panties, briefs, especially for big ladeis - women who need sizes 44 - 46 (7XL) and 48 - 50 8XL)?  Well, ladies, we manufactured these large, roomy, spacious, comfortable, outsized, supersize, huge, enormous knickers - call them what you will, we don't mind -  for all the outsize, oversize, big, well built, ladies because you sent us emails telling us that you can't buy knickers, panties, briefs to fit you if you weigh more than about 18 stone.  All you seem to be able to buy elsewhere is a not very generous 6XL - anything bigger, anything to fit waist 46" to 52" (117cm - 132" and hips 63" to 66" (160cm - 167cm) just can't be found. We have listened to what you said, and now we've manufactured out own Supersize knickers that start where other knicker manufacturers leave off.  We've run several proto-types to get these knickers, panties, briefs right, and we are now so confident with our 7XL and 8XL knickers, briefs, panties that we've had them made prettier with a little bit of lace round the legs, and we've now branched out from simple white cotton to include (still in comfy cotton) black and a funky shocking pink with black lace...... so, if you're a big lady, we think you'll love our knickers, panties and briefs in 7XL and 8XL.  Please continue to email us and let us know what you want because, if we get enough positive feed-back we'll start manufacturing 9XL and 10XL knickers, briefs and panties.

Here's a little history about how The Big Bloomers Company started to sell over large, outsize knickers, briefs, panties for over large women (dare we say fat women - well, why not, nobody hesitates to use the word thin women, so lets say fat women)............

When we first decided to supply oversize knickers we had absolutely no idea of the enormous problem big women were facing in an attempt to buy knickers or bloomers or panties - call them what you will, that fitted.  It isn't just the fact that no underwear manufacturer is bothering to supply knickers, bloomers, briefs or panties above a size 4XL, 5XL or 6XL .......  none of the underwear manufacturers seem to have really bothered to address the problem of finding out what a large lady will need so that she is wearing well fitting, nicely styled, good quality comfortable knickers, bloomers, briefs or panties.  No research seems to have been carried out.  It seems that underwear manufacturers have done little more than take a size twelve pair of knickers and make them in the same style, but bigger!  For instance, we found that no serious attempt to accommodate the tummy flap has been made. Nor has any serious attempt been made to make knickers, bloomers, briefs, panties out of really stretchy material that will accommodate bumps and bulges wherever they happen to be! We were dismayed too, to find that in most cases, the knicker legs weren't loose enough. All in all, its not much short of a complete disaster area out there as far as big knickers are concerned, and we at The Big Bloomers Company decided that we were going to put the matter right and give big ladies underwear they can feel comfortable in.

Once we'd realised the enormity of the problem, we decided that we would have to manufacture oversize or outsize knickers, bloomers, briefs, panties ourselves because no underwear manufacturer out there was doing it.  The next problem was to find somebody who understood enough about being a very large lady to make the patterns for us so that we could take them to an underwear manufacturer. This we felt was important because we knew that we would have to be approaching quite small underwear manufacturing companies, and that these would most likely be 'one-man-bands' operated by....... you've guessed it...... men.  So, these men were going to need a pattern because left to their own devices, they were simply going to produce a pattern that was 'more of the same'  i.e. size 12 knickers made bigger!  We were lucky that we found Linda Lewis who now makes our bespoke knickers, bespoke bloomers, bespoke briefs and bespoke panties, because she's quite a big lady herself and she's well aware of the problems that bigger women face where their bloomers are concerned.

So, here we are, The Big Bloomers Company very proud to be doing what we set out to do, supply big ladies with big bloomers, big briefs, big knickers, big panties in styles which we hope will keep you comfortable all day long.  We have, in our bespoke range loose legs, elasticised legs, bloomer legs, boxer style legs, tunnel elastic waist and we'll be manufacturing these styles in sizes 7XL, 8XL, 9XL and 10XL.  Once we've established the most popular styles, we'll look at offering them in some pretty materials whilst keeping in mind the requirement for comfort.  And, of course, we'll be looking at supplying more of a colour choice too.

We at The Big Bloomers Company are always interested in hearing what you big ladies have got to say and any advice you can give us to make sure that we are giving you what you need will be appreciated, so please, don't hesitate to email us if you have something to say.

Update:  At last we have our first consignment of Big Bloomers own manufactured 100% cotton knickers.  They have been manufactured for us here in the UK by a small company in the Midlands.  We are very proud of the fact that we've had these large 7XL and 8XL knickers manufactured here in England.  They are beautifully made, white, pure cotton of excellent quality.  We are travelling on uncharted ground here because, as far as we can tell, no-one has ever manufactured such large size knickers, panties before.  7xl represents size 44-46 and that gives a waist measurement of 46 inches stretching to 60 inches (117 centimetres stretching to 152 centimetres); hips are 52" inches stretching to 63" inches (132 centimetres to 160 centimetres).  8xl represents size 48-50 and that gives a waist measurement of 52" inches stretching to 66" inches ( 132 centimetres to 167 centimetres); hips are 56" inches stretching to 66" inches (142 centimetres stretching to 167 centimetres).  If you are happy with these 7xl and 8xl knickers, then let us know and we'll consider manufacturing another style and a different type of fabric.
 The Big Bloomers Company, underwear manufacturers for big ladies.

What does the word Bariatric mean? One definition reads:-Pertaining to bariatrics, the field of medicine concerned with weight loss. Bariatric is a very new word in the English language, possibly in use for no more than ten or twelve years and an easy working definition could be 'hugeley overweight'. By the time a person is considered, by the medical profession to be bariatric, their weight has become a serious problem and their health will be suffering as a consequence of the amount of fat being stored by the body. By this time, the person will be having other problems besides medical ones, for instance, he or she will be requiring a reinforced bed to sustain their weight and buying clothes will have become a nightmare. That's where The Big Bloomers Company come in , we manufacture our own range of Supersize - extra large ladies knickers up to 8XL and Supersize - huge mens boxer underpants.


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