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  • Style: 6 strap suspender belt.
  • Quality metal clasps that stay closed
  • The fastening is three hook and eye deep
    with three adjustments for a perfect fit
  • Available in a mesh or lace fabric

  • Fit waist up to 54" (137cms)
  • Available in two sizes UK22/28 or UK28/34
  • See size chart below
  • P&P £2.95 however many you order
  • Available in black or white
  • BUY NOW @ £36.95/£38.95 EACH
waist inches
our sizes
UK dress
waist cms
48 - 54
6XL to 7XL
122 - 137
40 - 48
102 - 122

Suspender Belts for Plus Size ladies.

This ticks all the boxes for plus size ladies who want to wear stockings. We at Big Bloomers/The Big Tights Company are very proud to have been there at the forefront when this suspender belt was 'in the pipeline' and encouraged the manufacturer to continue with the necessary design research to provide exactly what was needed for ample sizes ladies to be able to wear stockings with comfort, confidence and... well, lets face it, a generous degree of sultry, sexy feel-good factor.

This garment has it all, ladies and you won't be disappointed. There are six suspenders rather than just four and lets face it, there's a lot of stocking to be held in place, so a six-suspender design was always going to be a must if the belt was to be comfortable. The 6 strap suspender belt - also known as a garter belt, has plain panels to make sure of a smooth look, however the fabric of these panels is an innovative 'power mesh' which will give you gentle control and support. The suspender belt has a three deep hook-and-eye fastening with three adjustments, so the belt fits snugly to your shape. To define your waist and make sure of your comfort there's a 16mm (half inch) soft backed waistband. The suspender straps are 19mm (three quarters inch) wide and have good quality metal clasps and adjusters.

All in all, this is a lovely product that you'll be thrilled to own.



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