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  • Style:'MILAN LADY' Large size coloured tights 20 denier
  • These tights are dyed at random with other products in the factory to keep the price down, so when they are gone,they are gone.
  • See colour chart below
  • Fit hips to 95 "+ (230cm+)  One size to fit from UK28 to UK42 
  • Extra long in the leg - extra thigh room - wide waist band
  • See size chart below
  • BUY NOW @ £8.95 EACH



hips inches
our sizes
UK dress
hips cms
55 - 95
one size
140 - 230

Received 31st October 2013

Hello Laura

Another order from a very satisfied customer. As a lifetime big girl I have a whole range of gear that I find it hard to get hold of. I have bemoaned the lack of real hosiery for big girls for years but my man loves your hosiery and you're doing something right !!


Received 9th March 2012

The tights are fabulous, I used them on my hen night on saturday. They are comfortable and long enough and with plenty of tummy room. I would totally recommend them to anyone who has big legs and who is tall.



Received Feb 2nd 2012

Hi There,

I’ve just spoken with a lovely lady called Dianne.  I called to ask if you did stockings or fancy patterned tights.  Dianne said unfortunately not at the moment but directed me to your range of coloured tights.  I explained that  while ample figured I still considered myself to have some sense of style and the colours of the tights were something I would struggle to get my granny to wear!  Thank fully it was explained to me that the actual colours are much deeper and richer than they appear on your site.  I write because you are offering a fantastic much needed product and I am sure you are losing custom because the colours look so old fashioned and awful!  On another note please do consider a range of hold-ups, stockings and fun fashion tights (ribbed, patterned, woolly etc.) they will absolutely fly off the shelves I assure you.  Meanwhile I hope you don’t mind my comments but I write out of real appreciation for what you are doing with what I hope are constructive suggestions to make your business even better.

Kind Regards



Plus Size tights in colours.

We know they were a long time coming after we first promised them on Twitter.  We honestly had no idea how difficult it was going to be to persuade a manufacturer to  make plus size tights in a range of colours like blue and plum and red and yellow and  green and orange.

The problem was, of course, that there are not enough people wanting plus sized colour tights.  After all, it isn’t a huge percentage of the population who are a dress size UK28/30 (6XL) or more and on top of that, many Plus Size ladies never wear tights.  So, by the time you’ve whittled it down to Plus Size ladies wanting coloured tights, you are talking about a very small percentage of the population and quite honestly, tights manufacturers simply are not interested in small quantities,  So, until now, Plus Size ladies have not been able to buy coloured tights. 

It has taken Laura 18 months of negotiations with Italian manufacturers to bring you ladies plum and green and navy Plus Size tights.  The fact that her Italian wasn’t all that good 18 months ago probably did nothing to ease the situation along – as she admits herself, it’s one thing to be able to order a meal and ask where the train station is in a foreign language, but a totally different ball game when you are trying to persuade a very busy, unbelieving manufacturer that you need him to make Plus Size tights with a bigger thigh circumference than he’s ever considered necessary, with longer legs than he’s ever done before and in colours such as red, plum, olive, navy blue, green and any other colour he can think of. 

There were several occasions when Laura thought that these Plus Sized coloured tights were just a dream and that they would never become a reality.  Most of the factories wouldn’t even give her an interview and of those who did, there was little to encourage her and she was on the point of calling it a day when she came across a small factory (no bigger than the factory in Leicester where the Big Bloomers knickers are manufactured) and the owner was female, she was about Laura’s age with a positive and modern outlook and having just inherited the business from her grandfather, she was open to new ideas.  Best of all, from Laura’s point of view, Rosaria is a plus size lady.  The Plus Size tights in different shades, with long legs and wider thighs became a happening thing.

There have still been disappointments.  Laura was not allowed to dictate what shades the tights would be.  As the order is so small by the usual standards of tights manufacturers, we have just had to waist until the factory were making up a vat of dye for another customer (a customer who was obviously having small sizes in tights and stockings) and Rosaria’s work force just tipped in a few gross of our Plus Size tights at the same time.  So, when Rosanna phoned Laura to say that our Plus Size tights in five different shades were ready, we were thinking red and purple and orange and pink and apple green!  In fact, the tights are navy, plum, bottle green, and two other shades that we are not too sure about – chocolate brown and olive brown.  Not really colours in our mind, but time will tell, maybe we are wrong and our Plus Size customers are going to love the chocolate brown and the olive brown…. We’ll just have to see.  We do have to warn you though, that we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to keep a stock of these coloured Plus Size tights. Rosaria has promised that whenever there’s room in a vat of coloured dye, she’ll throw in a few gross of our Plus Size tights, so we’ll never know what we’re getting until they arrive here in the UK.  So, when they’re gone, they’re gone and no promise of a repeat order.

So, this is the up to date situation in November 2011 – Big Bloomers have Plus Size tights in shades of navy blue, plum, bottle green, chocolate brown and olive brown, we have named these the Milan Lady range.  They are very, very stretchy and will fit from UK28/30 to UK 40/42  (hips 55” to 74+”) they are also very long in the leg – though because the fabric is so elastic, this does not mean to say that they will be too long in the leg for short people.

Laura persuaded Rosaria to manufacture three more standard shades to the same generous specification with long legs and ample thigh room – these are the Rome Lady range – Plus sized 20 denier tights in shades of flesh, tan and black.  The Italian tights are more expensive than our Naples range which are manufactured here in the UK – we make no apologies for this fact, there’s more fabric in them, more design work has gone into the specification of the comfortably broad welt and the contoured gusset, the fabric is more expensive and the making up is to a finer quality.  As always ladies, you get what you pay for….. and so that you can test this theory out, we are offering the Rome Lady Range at £1 for a trial pair of tights.  The offer it limited to one pair of Plus Size tights per order, and you cannot purchase a single item at the same time that you buy a pack of the Rome Lady tights, though you are welcome to add a £1 trial pair to an order for any other item from our shop.









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