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  • Velcro fastenings keep the gown secure
  • Latex free
  • Ribbon ties at front for easy adjustment
  • Comfortable, light and warm to wear
  • Designed to preserve your dignity
  • P&P £2.95 however many you order
  • BUY NOW@ £17.95 pack of two


  • Available in three Extra Large sizes 1XL - 3XL, 4XL - 6XL and 7XL - 10XL
  • Refer to the diagram and dimensions chart below
  • Will fit people weighing up to 40 stone
  • Lightweight and easily carried
  • BUY NOW@ £17.95 pack of two

Approximate dimensions in inches

Size inches


Nape to hem (a)

Waist (b)

1XL - 3XL




35 to 55

4XL - 6XL




55 to 70

7XL - 10XL




70 to 90

Approximate dimensions in centimetres

Size cms


Nape to hem (a)


Waist (b)

1XL - 3XL




89 to 140

4XL - 6XL




140 to178

7XL - 10XL




178 to 228

Hi Dianne

Thank you so much I have now paid by Pay Pal, as soon as I receive the underslip I will give you feed back I am so looking forward to having a waist slip that fits & is feminine.

I would be more than happy to help out with dressing gowns at the moment I am able to get them from Ambrose Wilson who do some In the larger sizes you can see them on their website. It is a git or a miss if they fit & the styles vary. I think a wrap around sounds good as long as it is large enough to cover. I have purchased your hospital gowns & they are excellent. I have had the expierience of being in hospital as an emergency where they put two gowns on one at the fron & one at the back & it was a very distressing experience!

Please keep up the good work you are a blessing to us larger people. I will speak with you soon.

Kind Regards & many thanks Maggie

The range of disposable extra large hospital gown is a vast improvement on the old fashioned regulation hospital gown which fastens at the back and does nothing to protect the patients modesty.

This plus size hospital gown has been designed with big, overweight, obese and bariatric people in mind and the largest size will accommodate a person who weighs up to 40 stone with hips up to 90 inches (228 cms).  This very large garment, also known as an examination gown, is front opening with velcro fastenings and a tie belt so that you can be sure to cover your modesty. As there's no gaping vent in the back, you can walk about if necessary without worrying that you are exposing unseemly amounts of flesh. This hospital gown, examination gown, dressing gown, whatever you like to call it has solved the embarrassing problem of trying to fit into a regulation hospital gown because this garment will fit you and cover you, its comfortable to wear, its light and most people find that in a hospital environment, it is warm enough. The hospital gown is disposable and it is made from very lightweight fabric so that, for a day visit to a clinic it will tuck into a very small travel bag with your other personal requirements. 

The hospital examination gown has been designed with openings under the arms (fastened with velcro) to allow access to the upper parts of your body whilst still allowing you to maintain your dignity as much as possible in the hospital environment.

The hospital examination gown is big enough to adequately cover the largest of people and so avoids embarrassment to you, the hospital staff and other patients.

Although disposable and designed as a 'throw-away' garment, the hospital examination gown is sufficiently strong to be tear resistant and it isn't see-through even if it gets wet. For your added security and feel good factor, there's also a pair of disposable pants included with the gown.

With the disposable hospital examination gown tucked in your bag,  you don't have to dread going to hospital because the regulation issue gowns leave you exposed, embarrassed and humiliated

There are three sizes available, but do remember that this hospital examintion gown has been designed on a most generous and accommodating basis, you could say, in fact, that 'if you're wearing it, it fits you'. Please refer to our grid for an easier way of finding out which hospital examination garment is your best fit. 
Up to 3XL : Hips up to 55inches (140 cm)
4XL - 6XL : Hips 55 - 70 inches  (140 - 180 cm)
7XL upwards : Hips 70 and above (180cm and above) this size fits up to 40 stone

Be confident, be comfortable, be discreet, be free from embarrassment - wear a disposable hospital examination gown and pants for £14.99

Be confident, be comfortable, be discreet, be free from embarrassment - buy this throw-away hospital examination gown and pants for £14.99






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