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All Woman Cotton Knickers
All Woman Cotton Knickers All Woman Cotton Knickers All Woman Cotton Knickers All Woman Cotton Knickers All Woman Cotton Knickers All Woman Cotton Knickers
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All Woman Cotton Knickers



  • Buy 6 pairs and get the 7th pair free, simply buy 6 and we add the free pair
  • 100% combed cotton
  • High-waisted for extra comfort
  • Extra-wide gusset
  • Sizes UK40 - UK50 are an extra £4
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UK Dress Size
Waist in CM
Waist in Inches
Hips in CM
Hips in Inches
UK48 - UK50
167 - 177 66 - 70 192 - 202 76 - 80
UK44 - UK46
157 - 167 62 - 66 182 - 192 72 - 76
UK40 - UK42
147 - 157 58 - 62 172 - 182 68 - 72
UK36 - UK38
137 - 147 54 - 58 162 - 172 64 - 68
UK32 - UK34
127 - 137 50 - 54 152 - 162 60 - 64
UK28 - UK30
117 - 127 46 - 50 142 - 152 56 - 60
UK24 - UK26
104 - 117 41 - 46 129 - 142 51 - 56
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  • We post your parcel within 1 working day of receiving your order and in most UK cases you will receive your parcel the next working day from placing your order.
  • Europe takes on average 5 working days to arrive
  • Australia takes about 6 - 12 days
  • USA takes around 12 - 25 days
  • The rest of the world we can only say be patient!! it always arrives eventually.


  • UK £2.95 fixed price
  • Europe £3.55 fixed price
  • Worldwide £4.55 fixed price
Our comments: These knickers are made from 100% cotton interlock which is soft and comfortable. Very easy to put on and not too tight.

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All Woman Cotton Knickers

To be honest, I had never heard of you but desperately needed some new underwear. A few weeks ago I simply typed in 'large knickers' into the internet and hey presto, your site came up on the list. When I logged on and saw what was on offer, I immediately ordered two sample pairs of knickers to try. I was delighted with both the quick service, particularly considering I am in Spain where mail is notoriously unreliable, and the quality of the goods. The only problem was that I have got my sizes completely skewed and both pairs were too big. I have kept one as I wore them to try out but the larger size would have swamped me and probably fallen off! I have now re-ordered multiple pairs in 7XL, two sizes lower than I thought! I have also ordered some different knickers so will be eagerly awaiting the postman. Keep up the good work. Sites like yours are a gold mine for people like me.


I can't remember exactly where I first heard of you, but I think it was in a newspaper or magazine, quite a while ago. I have had some briefs off you before and been delighted with them, it's so nice to have underwear that fits and feels comfortable. So many other knickers produced supposedly to fit outsize women, make no allowance for the different body shape of people who are beyond normal build. The high cut front like those made in small size knickers is ridiculous on people who have large stomachs and that is where you score highly. As my old knickers wear out I shall replace them with your products as I can afford them.


I started buying my pantyhose from you a couple of years ago and dealt with Diane. I needed to order your smallest size because I've lost 150 pounds in the last 6 months. Sadly, I won't need to buy from you one of these days - I say sadly only because they are the best pantyhose I have ever worn and I wear them every day.

Kathy - Canada

As I very rarely wear white pants, you have been my sole supplier for a few years now, please don't ever stop making the 9xl knickers in black. Every aspect of dealing with you has always been a pleasure - you do a great job and although they are expensive for the very good reason that they are not being made in any great quantity, boy do they wash and wear and last despite being made to do a difficult and wearing job for any panty! Because of this they are excellent value and not having to worry about my underpinnings is very restful.


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