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When we started The Big Bloomers Company back in 2007 we had no intention of manufacturing.  All we ever intended was to supply plus size lingerie  – we were to be a link in the chain – the middle man.

A big surprise awaited us.  Whilst loads of wholesalers and retailers were boasting that they made/supplied plus size lingerie up to size 6XL (UK dress size 28/30)  this was not, in fact, the case.  It was a puff, a brag, an empty promise leaving plus size women frustrated and disappointed after endless fruitless internet searches.

We made a pledge that if we couldn’t supply the item in 6XL we wouldn’t have it on the Big Bloomers website.  Having stood on this high moral ground, we realised that the only way to keep to the promise was to manufacture these elusive plus size and 6LX items ourselves.

As far as manufacturing the knickers was concerned everything went relatively smoothly…… but the tights were in another league.  Talk about a learning curve, ladies you have no idea! To read the full post, click the title above

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"...If I am wearing a dress without leggings in the summer I miss the support feeling leggings usually give me and I don't want to wear stiff shapewear every day. I found these to be the perfect compromise. I know that isn't what they're designed or marketed for, but they were perfect for that for me..." Read the review

Posted in Anti Chafing Knickers By Laura Murrey

Sooo... I ummmed and ahhhed about posting this and in the end I decided "f@*k it!" I'm not showing any more than I'd show in a swimsuit or bikini on the beach and I really wanted to show off these AMAZING stockings from The Big Tights Company in all their glory! Click the title to read the review posted on Facebook

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Posted in Prague Lace Hold Ups By Laura Murrey

Slightly odd, non business related post but... I feel like my recent ish discoveries are just too good not to share. I have spent literally years buying every brand of "plus size" stockings/hold ups I can find, only to be disappointed every time by the fact that they're not big enough for my thighs/don't stay up/are incredibly poor quality. Click the title to read the facebook review.

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Posted in Prague Lace Hold Ups By Laura Murrey

'...The first pair I tried was the Paris Lady and as soon as I took them out of the packet I loved them. The material was so soft and felt so luxurious that I could tell the difference from other tights I have worn straight away. Felt like velvet to my skin. I put them on and it was so easy! Normally I really struggle to put on a pair of tights cause they are so small and really tight. It's almost painful to put on normal tights. These on the other hand were so comfortable to put on and the amount of elastic in them made it super easy to pull up...

.. I almost feel like I have been going around for 38 years without knowing that these existed and I almost feel cheated cause my tights life from now on won't be the same..." Read the review 

Posted in Paris Lady By Laura Murrey

"...I got these tights in the largest size available as I wear a size 32 and they are perfect, they are so comfortable and well made, I wasn’t concerned about ruining them while putting them on or sitting down carefully so I didn’t burst out of them lol..." Read the review

Posted in Cotton Tights By Laura Murrey

"...The material is super stretchy and super comfortable, you could even size down if you wanted a little support...

I am a shorty, standing at a pint sized 5ft 2″ so these came up quite long on me but the fabric allows for manipulation so I ended pulling the legs up a bit and they were still totally comfortable..." Read the review
Posted in Anti Chafing Knickers By Laura Murrey

"...I know Big Bloomers worked hard to perfect these knickers - they've been developing them for over a year with the Italian manufacturers - so I was keen to try them for myself...

...From the minute I put the knickers on until we were in the car on the way home I forgot about them. In fact it was only the absence of being hot, sweaty and uncomfortable 'down there' that jarred on me all of a sudden as we were on our way home. Only then did I realise I hadn't had to think about my undies AT ALL while we were rushing around. I'd got hot, I'd got sweaty - I'd mopped my brow with a tissue and felt a little sweat run down the small of my back, but I remained cool and comfortable below the waist. The ribbed cuffs on the legs stayed put the whole time, which meant no surreptitious rearranging of creeping knicker leg..."

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Posted in Anti Chafing Knickers By Laura Murrey

Their motto is: "OUR SIZES START WHERE OTHER PEOPLES FINISH" so you can be sure of getting items to fit the upper end of the plus size range. They do most things up to the high 30 sizes or above.  

First, let me give you a run down of why I hate tights. Evans size 3 tights, supposed to fit up to a size 32, haven't fitted me properly since I was about a size 24. I have a big arse, a big belly and some centaur sized thighs. As Evans have been the only place for me to get tights from for years I've put up with tights that fall down (or never fully pull up) leaving my upper legs red raw from chub rub. I have to wear a pair of control knickers over the top of them just so the gusset will almost reach my crotch, and then I have to pull them up every 2 minutes. Thus I've come to hate tights with a PASSION and have avoided them for a long time. Will I have changed my mind by the end of this post?! Read on... Read the review

Posted in All Woman 60 Denier By Laura Murrey

"...Now I know it is not really the classiest of topics to discuss but the fact is, it happens to most of us and it is damn annoying and at times quite painful...

...The lace detail on these knickers makes them not only practical but very pretty and feminine. Especially when your skirt fly’s up in the wind or when you are dancing..." Read the review


Posted in Anti Chafing Knickers By Laura Murrey

Ladies, if you live in Australia, you will know that the heat and humidity is bordering on unbearable right now. One of the things that really bothers me about the heat in this country is that my thighs are more likely to chafe and chafing can be extremely uncomfortable and painful. There are several things that can be done to prevent this from happening when wearing stockings:...

...When you land on the front page of their website, you might think that The Big Tights company doesn’t have your size because they seem quite big, however, do not be fooled! I am wearing a size UK 12-16 (you can find my measurements here) and these go up to a UK 36-40... Read the review

Posted in Anti Chafing Knickers By Laura Murrey

"...One of the most popular questions that I receive (apart from ‘how do you go to the bathroom in THAT?!) is ‘where can I buy stockings for my plus-sized thighs’. This question is something that bothers me, not because I don’t like people asking but because I’m ashamed that the stockings companies that I love and encourage people to try don’t go up to larger sizes. I don’t understand why more hosiery companies don’t realise that they to produce larger sizes for women. Anyway, I replied to Laura saying that I would love to try some of her magic seamed stockings..." Read the review

Posted in Magic Stockings By Laura Murrey
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