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"The most exciting part was that I was sent my actual dress size – 20-26. For a tall plus size girl, I often have to buy the biggest size tights there are going just to get them past my knee caps but these babies…..I popped them on with no problem. The length of the tights was fine for me and I didn’t have Nora Batty ankles nor need to keep pulling them up!  I also didn’t feel like I was trying to coax them to stretch to my leg length. They also made no movement to gravitate downwards and was able to walk around with no problems at all ..." Read the review

Posted in All Woman 20 denier By Laura Murrey

"In all of these conditions the shorts didn’t let me down once, they kept the chafing at bay and crucially the extra layer that I was so worried about adding did not make me too hot. They’re not support knickers or shapewear so they thankfully aren’t restrictive, they’re light and cool, and they’re also super stretchy so fit incredibly well without digging in anywhere. Both colours, even the white, are absolutely opaque; while I was away we had a couple of very windy days but I wasn’t remotely bothered about the wind whipping around the hem of my skirt...." Read the full review

Posted in Anti Chafing Knickers By The Big Bloomers Company

"It is going to get warmer, I tell you! And when it does, there is nothing worse than the dreaded chub rub, as those of us with ample thighs will know. I wanted share with you today my go-to anti-chafing short, which for the past couple of years has been from The Big Tights Company.... 

...The shorts are lightweight and hugely stretchy and above and beyond their anti-chafing properties, I also find them great for keeping my modesty. As a perpetual trouser wearer, I'm always a little nervous when wearing skirts, so when I have these on, I feel assured that I'm not going to be flashing my pants to the world! 
If you're looking for a comfortable solution to modesty and chafing, I cannot recommend these enough!" Read the full review


Posted in Anti Chafing Knickers By The Big Bloomers Company

"We’ve all been there.  Wearing our favourite 50’s skirt or floaty maxi for a day exploring in the sunshine (normally with a few outdoor pub stops along the way) when the day gets ruined from a little overheating and the springs of a rash, from the tops of your thighs rubbing painfully against one another in the heat... 

Wearing anti-chafing shorts has long been the solutions for this but I’ve often found them too long to be hidden beneath shooter skirts, or they pop out when crossing your legs in a midi skirt.   The Big Tights Company have taken this on board and bought our a shorter anti-chafing knicker that, I’m pleased to say, sits much higher up on the leg.

The knickers (although I wore mine as shorts over the top of my knickers so that I won’t need to wash them with every wear) are made from a soft and comfy cotton material that, unlike many anti-chafing shorts, lets your skin breath in the hot weather." Read the review

Posted in Anti Chafing Knickers By The Big Bloomers Company

The sun has finally started to come out and so have my skirts. Which means it's time to start stocking my wardrobe with some essentials. First on the list would have to be anti chafe shorts. If like me and thousands of other women, suffer from the dreaded 'chub rub' then we can all wince at the mere thought of the burning pain we endure after a warm day. So to warn off said thighs of fire, I usually wear some kind of anti chafe wear.

This year, I'm trying out the anti chafe, short leg knickers from The Big Tights Company. Read the review
Posted in Anti Chafing Knickers By The Big Bloomers Company

"...As someone who enjoys wearing stockings and hold ups, I've tried a LOT of suspender belts over the years. However just like with most things, as my clothing size went upwards, the amount of choice and quality available drastically decreased. Once past a size 18, all I could find were terribly made belts with plastic poppers which frustratingly pinged at every opportunity. I felt I couldn't really rely on them to get me through a night of sitting, let alone dancing, so was thrilled when I discovered that The Big Tights Company had in fact created the answer..." Read the review

Posted in Suspender belts By The Big Bloomers Company

"...I have blogged about tights numerous times, regaling the horror that comes with being plus size, large arsed and slightly taller than average. The fear when you’ve got one pair of tights left and they won’t seem to go higher than your knees. The tears when your thumbs poke holes in visible places because your tights just aren’t up to the job. The discomfort of spending all day hitching up a pair of struggling hosiery because there just wasn’t room for thunder thighs and lardy bum to live together in peace and harmony. It’s a nightmare that haunts so many of us – but I hope to have found the solution!..." Read the review

Posted in Paris Lady By Laura Murrey

"...If I am wearing a dress without leggings in the summer I miss the support feeling leggings usually give me and I don't want to wear stiff shapewear every day. I found these to be the perfect compromise. I know that isn't what they're designed or marketed for, but they were perfect for that for me..." Read the review

Posted in Anti Chafing Knickers By Laura Murrey

Sooo... I ummmed and ahhhed about posting this and in the end I decided "f@*k it!" I'm not showing any more than I'd show in a swimsuit or bikini on the beach and I really wanted to show off these AMAZING stockings from The Big Tights Company in all their glory! Click the title to read the review posted on Facebook

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Posted in Prague Lace Hold Ups By Laura Murrey

Slightly odd, non business related post but... I feel like my recent ish discoveries are just too good not to share. I have spent literally years buying every brand of "plus size" stockings/hold ups I can find, only to be disappointed every time by the fact that they're not big enough for my thighs/don't stay up/are incredibly poor quality. Click the title to read the facebook review.

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Posted in Prague Lace Hold Ups By Laura Murrey

'...The first pair I tried was the Paris Lady and as soon as I took them out of the packet I loved them. The material was so soft and felt so luxurious that I could tell the difference from other tights I have worn straight away. Felt like velvet to my skin. I put them on and it was so easy! Normally I really struggle to put on a pair of tights cause they are so small and really tight. It's almost painful to put on normal tights. These on the other hand were so comfortable to put on and the amount of elastic in them made it super easy to pull up...

.. I almost feel like I have been going around for 38 years without knowing that these existed and I almost feel cheated cause my tights life from now on won't be the same..." Read the review 

Posted in Paris Lady By Laura Murrey

"...I got these tights in the largest size available as I wear a size 32 and they are perfect, they are so comfortable and well made, I wasn’t concerned about ruining them while putting them on or sitting down carefully so I didn’t burst out of them lol..." Read the review

Posted in Cotton Tights By Laura Murrey
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