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"The most exciting part was that I was sent my actual dress size – 20-26. For a tall plus size girl, I often have to buy the biggest size tights there are going just to get them past my knee caps but these babies…..I popped them on with no problem. The length of the tights was fine for me and I didn’t have Nora Batty ankles nor need to keep pulling them up!  I also didn’t feel like I was trying to coax them to stretch to my leg length. They also made no movement to gravitate downwards and was able to walk around with no problems at all ..." Read the review

Posted in All Woman 20 denier By Laura Murrey

When we started The Big Bloomers Company back in 2007 we had no intention of manufacturing.  All we ever intended was to supply plus size lingerie  – we were to be a link in the chain – the middle man.

A big surprise awaited us.  Whilst loads of wholesalers and retailers were boasting that they made/supplied plus size lingerie up to size 6XL (UK dress size 28/30)  this was not, in fact, the case.  It was a puff, a brag, an empty promise leaving plus size women frustrated and disappointed after endless fruitless internet searches.

We made a pledge that if we couldn’t supply the item in 6XL we wouldn’t have it on the Big Bloomers website.  Having stood on this high moral ground, we realised that the only way to keep to the promise was to manufacture these elusive plus size and 6LX items ourselves.

As far as manufacturing the knickers was concerned everything went relatively smoothly…… but the tights were in another league.  Talk about a learning curve, ladies you have no idea! To read the full post, click the title above

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