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Their motto is: "OUR SIZES START WHERE OTHER PEOPLES FINISH" so you can be sure of getting items to fit the upper end of the plus size range. They do most things up to the high 30 sizes or above.  

First, let me give you a run down of why I hate tights. Evans size 3 tights, supposed to fit up to a size 32, haven't fitted me properly since I was about a size 24. I have a big arse, a big belly and some centaur sized thighs. As Evans have been the only place for me to get tights from for years I've put up with tights that fall down (or never fully pull up) leaving my upper legs red raw from chub rub. I have to wear a pair of control knickers over the top of them just so the gusset will almost reach my crotch, and then I have to pull them up every 2 minutes. Thus I've come to hate tights with a PASSION and have avoided them for a long time. Will I have changed my mind by the end of this post?! Read on... Read the review

Posted in All Woman 60 Denier By Laura Murrey

If you're tall, big hipped, full stomached or in any way dare to have any sort of curve to your body, you'll know the sad shuffle caused by ill fitting tights. Whether rolling down, digging in or simply laddering the second you put them on because you've yanked too hard to get them where they should be, they are the bane of your wardrobe once Autumn hits. Thankfully The Big Tights Company have put an end to this madness, by selling a large range of stocking and tights which go all the way up to a UK 42.
I road-tested a trio of their most Winter resistant sellers, and put them through their paces. Beware, there are big boobs and granny pants ahead to really show you how the tights fit under your clothing!..." Read the review

Posted in All Woman 60 Denier By Laura Murrey

"...Now I'm aware the sight of me in tights isn't the most appealing thing in the world, but I just wanted to give you a full idea of how they sat and the stretch that's in them. They come up really high in the waist which I love. I'm a fan of the belly warmers, I like full coverage when it comes to tights. As you can see I have VERY substantial thighs which is where I usually struggle with tights. I'll get them mid thigh and then feel like they're cutting off my blood supply, have a missive hissy fit and rip them off. This was not the case with these tights..." Read the review 

Posted in All Woman 60 Denier By Big Bloomers

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