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"...I have blogged about tights numerous times, regaling the horror that comes with being plus size, large arsed and slightly taller than average. The fear when you’ve got one pair of tights left and they won’t seem to go higher than your knees. The tears when your thumbs poke holes in visible places because your tights just aren’t up to the job. The discomfort of spending all day hitching up a pair of struggling hosiery because there just wasn’t room for thunder thighs and lardy bum to live together in peace and harmony. It’s a nightmare that haunts so many of us – but I hope to have found the solution!..." Read the review

Posted in Paris Lady By Laura Murrey

'...The first pair I tried was the Paris Lady and as soon as I took them out of the packet I loved them. The material was so soft and felt so luxurious that I could tell the difference from other tights I have worn straight away. Felt like velvet to my skin. I put them on and it was so easy! Normally I really struggle to put on a pair of tights cause they are so small and really tight. It's almost painful to put on normal tights. These on the other hand were so comfortable to put on and the amount of elastic in them made it super easy to pull up...

.. I almost feel like I have been going around for 38 years without knowing that these existed and I almost feel cheated cause my tights life from now on won't be the same..." Read the review 

Posted in Paris Lady By Laura Murrey

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