Slightly odd, non business related post but... I feel like my recent ish discoveries are just too good not to share. I have spent literally years buying every brand of "plus size" stockings/hold ups I can find, only to be disappointed every time by the fact that they're not big enough for my thighs/don't stay up/are incredibly poor quality. The only reason I've continued to keep trying is because tights don't work for me either. I have a massive, shelf-bum and my bum pulls tights down at the back - no matter how big they are. (Some of you may remember a status from a while back where I shared that I'd had the genius idea to buy maternity tights and wear them backwards so that the tummy "pouch" could accommodate my large derriere! Whilst this worked to a degree it wasn't particularly comfortable!) So, imagine my utter joy when I discovered that The Big Tights Company's stockings actually fit my thighs!!! Not only that, but they stay up and are great quality and reasonably priced too! (I fell over whilst wearing a pair and whilst I grazed my knees and bruised my legs, my stockings were somehow still in tact!) Seriously, I still can't quite believe I've found some that fit and I first discovered them a good few months back now! So, having just ordered yet more (I'd previously only bought black ones but now have some natural ones and some white ones on the way too) I thought I should share this information so that any curvy ladies who have had the same issues as me can hopefully experience the same happiness at finding the answer! The ones I've bought so far are the "Prague lady microfiber opaque hold ups" in black and the "all woman lace hold ups" in both natural and white. Both brands are brilliant. I wear mine with a garter belt because I like the extra security but they do hold up without one. I've included the photos so that you can actually see that I do have really large thighs and the stockings are laid flat against my thighs and not rolling down/cutting in or anything. I hope the photos don't offend anyone - the way I see it is that people see more of me at the swimming pool or the beach in a bikini or swimsuit. Anyway, I hope this post has been useful to some of you (please let me know if it has been so I feel slightly less weird about posting it!) and if it has been of use then pop along to The Big Tights Company and give them a like. 
Muchos Amore
Thunder Thigh Tink ;-)

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