Suspender scoop!

Suspender scoop!

What you're really here for is the scoop on the best suspender belt I've ever tried on!

As someone who enjoys wearing stockings and hold ups, I've tried a LOT of suspender belts over the years. However just like with most things, as my clothing size went upwards, the amount of choice and quality available drastically decreased. Once past a size 18, all I could find were terribly made belts with plastic poppers which frustratingly pinged at every opportunity. I felt I couldn't really rely on them to get me through a night of sitting, let alone dancing, so was thrilled when I discovered that The Big Bloomers Company had in fact created the answer.


For full disclosure, both the belt and stockings were sent to me for review purposes, but that hasn't clouded my judgement. I'm always honest when reviewing items - good and bad - but this duo paired together had me floored. The suspender belt is available in two sizes, the latter which goes up to a UK 34 and it comes armed with proper metal clips. Not cheap, plastic poppers - actual metal clips which hold onto the stocking toppers with a firm grip. After a lot of jiggling and dinosaur style stamping later (all in the name of research!), no matter what position I contorted my body into, they stayed put. It also has six straps, so you can feel ultra secure that there won't be any chance of embarrassment whatsoever.

The stockings are also a delight, and are as great for long legs as they are chubby ones. Their description says that they'll fit anyone up to 5'11" which is pretty impressive, and again come in two size bands with the larger going up to a UK 30. Available in a choice of red, black or cream, and in a pack of one or a discounted pack of three, they really are magic as I have yet to ladder them! Something which is a miracle in and of itself as I am useless at keeping my nylons in one piece!

Blogger review by Diana at Fashion Loves Photos.