Quality socks with unbelievable stretch, for superb comfort and a luxury feel. Perfect for winter boots or cosy days at home. These socks are rich in elastane so will stay up without digging in.

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"I emailed them before my first purchase as being tall and large I struggle to find tights to fit. Their suggestion as to which of the ones to buy was perfect. The tights may be expensive, but they fit and I’ve not snagged or laddered them yet, which is unusual."


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"OMG at last a pair of tights that fit, are comfortable, stay up and are not scratchy or gathering around the ankle. These are the best tights I have ever worn."


All Woman 20 denier tights

"Excellent knee highs. Other brands after a while go baggy and fall down, but I had these on all day and they never moved and they felt so comfortable. I suffer with Lymphedema and I would recommend them."


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"I just don’t understand how these as so so good! I’ve got big legs and struggle with tights and hold ups etc. I cried when I put them both on, I can’t believe I’ve finally found somewhere that I can comfortably buy from and know they are going to fit."


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"Wore these for my wedding day. Looked gorgeous, felt comfortable and stayed up all day and all night. No chaffing. Was so happy with them."


prague lady Lace 20 denier hold ups

"The most comfortable Tights I have ever worn !!! Never been a fan of tights as could never get any that fit ... but these have restored my faith in tights!"


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'I carry weight on my thighs and bum and these tights are incredible! They’re so comfortable, fit perfectly and have given me my confidence back. Can’t recommend this company highly enough."


All Woman 60 Denier Tights

"First knee highs to stay up all day and feel comfortable! They sit just below the knee and STAY there! Soft and warm and not too thick or thin."


All Woman superwide 40 denier knee high

"I've had a hard time finding hold ups that don't make my two lovely thighs look like four lovely thighs. I am so happy I gave these hold ups a shot! They are comfortable, pretty and fit perfectly!"


Prague Lady 60 denier hold ups

"I can never find tights that are comfortable all day that don’t start rolling down over my tummy. I wore these tights all day, and not once did they feel uncomfortable or sweaty and they didn’t sag or go baggy. I’m not sure how I’ve lived without them."

Nanny D

All woman 20 denier tights

"Thank you so much! FINALLY some thigh highs that actually stay up. Not only do they fit my thighs but they also don’t squeeze and don’t slip down! Just amazing!"


All woman 20 denier hold ups


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