Which size face mask should I order?


Our Organic cotton washable face masks come in 2 different sizes - medium and large.

The Medium will fit a small/medium woman's face, and older children (from age 10). We’d recommend Large for men, or women with a fuller face.

If you are unsure which size to order, measure the distance between both ears. Use the middle of the front of your ears as starting and finishing points, and run across your nose. Please see the picture below as a reference. 


Medium Size = measurements smaller than 11 inches. (These are also a great option for older children).

Large Size = measurements larger than 11 inches.

If you measure exactly on 11 inches, both masks will be suitable. If you prefer a more snug fit we would recommend the medium size, and if you prefer more room the large size. It is worth noting the less the mask is stretched the better the protection. 

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